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Argumentative Term Paper is an Complicated Research Paper

Research PaperTerm paper • December 29, 2009

Argumentative Term Paper Requires Much Efforts and Time

If you get a task to write argumentative term paper, first of all think of the topic. It should be interesting for you and for your target auditory. Find a topic that is close to you and where you can demonstrate your knowledge.

There is a great variety of topics for argumentative term paper. For example, you may write about immigrants and illegal immigration, police brutality, youth violence. In addition, a good topic for your term paper will be the topic about same sex marriages or about low teachers’ salary. You may also dwell on what is morally wrong or describe the negative influence of modern music, movies and cartoons. As you see, there many topics that will be good for your term paper. Find the one that appeals you the most.

If you have defined the topic for your argumentative term paper and your instructor has approved it, you may start to collect the information. Go to the library and ask the library assistants if they have some books that may help you with writing your term paper. You may also ask your instructor to give you the list of appropriate readings, so you may find all the books from the list in your university library. Surf the internet. It is a great source for finding information. However, if you use information from the different web sites make sure they are trusted and information on these sites is reliable.

After you have collected all the necessary information, make critical reading of it. Choose only the most important information that is relevant to your topic. Then proceed to the term paper writing. Argumentative term paper as any other research paper consists of the following constituents: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

In the introduction, present the subject of your investigation. Explain why it needs the research. In the introduction, you may also write background information, so the readers may compare your points of view with the thoughts of other scientists. Write also, what is the purpose of your investigation and what methods you use for your research.

The main body of the term paper may be divided into three paragraphs, which may be sub-divided into sub-paragraphs. In the main body, you should present all your findings. Write the results of your investigation. Give your own point of view about the research. You may support your theories with citations taken from other sources or with your own examples. In the conclusion, give summary of your argumentative term paper. Draw perspectives of its possible further investigations.

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Anna Wippich

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