Learn How to Write a Research Paper with Research Paper Example

Use Research Paper Example as a Manual in Writing Your Paper

Students usually search for appropriate research paper example, as it helps them to develop their research paper writing skills.

You may also use special research paper writing guide. Here you will find valuable tips of paper writing.

1. While writing your research paper, think who your audience is. Think whom you are going to address in your paper – narrow specialists in your research sphere, multidisciplinary specialists or just general audience that knows little about your research topic.

2. Remember title page is a first part that the readers will see. That is why any mistake made in the cover page may lead to bad impression of the next parts of your research paper. The cover page is one of the easiest parts of the research paper, so you will have no excuse for writing it with errors. Though there are special standards for creating the cover page, you should follow your department requirements. Place the full title of the research paper in the middle of the page. At the bottom (sometimes it is required at the top) place your personal details. Write your name, your group number, the name of your instructor, some details about your institution and the date of paper submission.

3. You may also find research paper example where the abstract paragraph is included. If your research paper is a lengthy paper, so you should write an abstract. Here you should evaluate and give a brief summary to the content of your paper. Still you should not go into details here. Usually the maximum word count of the abstract is no more than 200 words. So try to stay within the prescribed word limit. It will be really sad if your paper will be rejected because of an overlong abstract. Start abstract with a brief introduction of the topic and explanation of the research question. Point out the aims and methodology of your paper.

4. Any research paper consists of the 3 main parts – the introductory part, the body part and the concluding part. Write why your research topic is scientifically significant. You may also write an overall review of the next paragraphs of the main body. The final element of the introductory part is usually thesis statement. Here you should write the main aim and purpose of your research paper. If you have some assumptions about your research, you may also include it to the thesis statement.

5. It is better to write the introductory part after you are ready with the research paper main body. You may start the introductory part with a wide defining of the research area and then narrow it down to the certain topic. While writing the body paragraph, you should be accurate and informative. Divide the research paper body into several paragraphs. Remember each paragraph should present a certain idea and perform a certain function.

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