Learn How to Write Research Proposal Using Sample Research Proposal

Sample Research Proposal will Show You the Basic Points of Research Proposal

In order to write research proposal, you need some recommendations or samples to follow. So, you may make use of sample research proposal provided below.

Think over a good background

Try to convince a wide range of people that a topic you are studying is extremely important nowadays and it requires a further research. Explain its necessity in the modern society. For example, there are a lot of factors that ruin our planet. The most disastrous are: exhaust gases, fossil fuels that lead to the depletion of these energy recourses and to emission of pollutants, green gases, etc. These harmful effects cause serious environmental problems like acid rain emerging.

Objective of research

It is considered to be the most integral part of your research. So, try to follow some recommendations. For example, I would like to present the objective of my paper. Its aim is to identify the harmful effects of the environmental pollution and try to prevent its destruction. In order to solve this problem, the government of a country should undertake renewable technologies. Have a good financial support, they will reduce such tremendous pollution. The following aims are focused on …(write your own aims in order to prevent the problem).


Task 1
Task 2
Task 3, etc.

Methodology part and approaches of sample research proposal

As to this section of the work, you have to think about your own tools of methodology. Try to invent the methods you are going to suggest in order to solve the problem. But, you should have a good awareness of the subject matter and have enough skills to stand strongly your own point of view. There are a few questions that can be useful for you: Are there different approaches to this problem? What are they? Can you suggest your own approaches? Can you give substantial explanation to them? You may make use of the following tips:

o Better environmental conservation
o Provision of economic opportunities
o Doing constant environmental reports as to the state of environment


Sum up all the material you have written in your research paper. Try to convey your point of view as clear as possible. It should be substantial, effective and detailed.


Make a scope of literature sources you have planned to consult. If you make use of librarian-based research paper, you should include at least thirty bibliographical sources. If the material is identical, it is better to list all of them rather then to cross them off. It makes your list more consistent. Put a “tick” near the sources you consider to be important and useful. At the end of the list, you are supposed to add the works you summarized or quoted. Do not forget about the alphabetical order according to the authors’ names.

If you need to write research proposal and do not know “how”, you may make use of sample research proposal written above. If you want to order essay samples or essay prompts, you may visit essay writing service Samedayessay.com.

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