If You do not Know How to Format Your Term Paper – Find Sample of APA Format Term Paper

There are Definite Rules that You Should Follow to Complete Your APA Format Term Paper

If you get a task to write APA format term paper then you should follow special APA format guidance.

1. The cover page of the term paper should include the title of your paper. While writing the title do not use bold, italics and punctuation marks. Beneath the title page write your first name, middle initials and last name. Also do not forget to point out the institution affiliation.

2. Abstract page should begin with the word “abstract”. Start your abstract with a brief summary of your paper. Write the research topic, research question. Also point out the methods you use for your research. Do not make a lengthy abstract paragraph. It should include 150-250 words. Here in abstract you may also give the keywords so it would be easier to find your paper in a database.

3. In the introduction state the topic of the paper. If in the main body of your paper you use citations, make sure you follow the APA format term paper rules. When giving the quote in the text, put right after the quote:
– The last author’s name
– Year of publication
– Page number of the reference.

Full reference information should be included to the reference list that you give at the end of your paper. If you do not give the direct quote but you paraphrase somebody’s idea, so you should also point out the author’s name and year of book issue. But it is not necessarily to give the page number of the reference.

4. Students always use some visual material in their term papers. There are different kinds of tables and figures:

– graphs
– scatter plots
– bar graphs
– line graphs
– picture graphs
– circle graphs
– drawing
– photographs
– statistics charts

With the help of visual material, students have an opportunity to present a large amount of information. Often tables or charts support your descriptions in the text. That is why you should mention about the table right after the information that is supplemented by visual material. If you use several tables in your paper you should number them sequentially with Arabic numerals. Also write the word “Table” or “Figure” and give the brief and clear heading of the table.

5. The reference list should appear at the end of the paper. You should write it from the new page and label this page with the word “reference”. Place all the books you used in your paper in alphabetical order by the author’s name. First write the last name and initials of the author. If the book is written by more then 6 authors, then write the surnames of first 6 authors and then put et al. if you used in your paper several different books written by one author, then you should first place the book that has the earlier year of publication.

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