Knowledge of the Peculiarities of the Format Term Paper will Help you to Write a Term Paper of a High Quality

Follow the Standards of the Format Term Paper and You will Write an Excellent Paper

Students usually write term papers while studying at the university. It is a compulsory writing that students have to complete at the end of the academic semester. When students get a task to write an essay or term paper, they usually pay attention only to the essay writing or term paper ideas but they neglect the format term paper and essay rules.

Sometimes while writing your term paper, the teacher may give you the definite term paper format according to which you should write your term paper. But if you do not have to follow the definite format style and you are free in choice so you may have several options of how your term paper may be formatted.

One of the term paper formats is Harvard. According to Harvard style you have to write the paper using Times New Roman style, text size should be 12 points with double spacing. You have to organize the bibliography in the following way: first, point out the author’s name, then title of the book and year of the publication and the place where this book was issued. If you used in your term paper citations from the journals, then give the name of the author of the article, date when journal was published, title of the article and title of the journal, volume and number of pages.

Another style that you may use for your term paper is APA (American Psychological Association). This kind of format is popular among American and Canadian writers. According to this style you may use Times New Roman or Arial style; text size should be 10-12 points. All the pages of the term paper, except the title page and some not compulsory pages, should be numbered and sometimes the student’s surname is required as a header of all pages. APA style also has some peculiarities in formatting the title page. Student have to write his name in the right hand corner, under it he should write instructor’s name, then goes the name of the academic subject and date. Below, the title of the term paper should be placed. Remember that in the title page you should not use inverted commas or any punctuation marks.

You may also use Chicago type of format term paper. Chicago style is divided into new and old. If you use new Chicago style then you have to point out in in-text citations the author’s name of the book and its title. Bibliography in the old and new Chicago style is formatted the same way.

So, as you see there are many format styles and it is up to you to what format term paper to choose.

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