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Design Dissertation is Your First Step in Creative Process

Dissertation • April 12, 2010

Design Dissertations Writing Is One of the Most Interesting and Creative Ways of Exposing the Knowledge

Sometimes writing a dissertation seems to be a great mission, it seems too difficult and endless. Sometimes it seems so hard because you have no hints in your work. Design dissertations are the most selected dissertations ever. This article will help you to write a dissertation on design without any problems. All you need is to follow our advices. Now it is the XXI century and the theme of design became extremely acute.

The first thing to do is to find out what design is?

Let’s give easy and understandable definition. The word “design” by its origin is Italian and has a lot of meanings. «Disegno» is a vision, plan, intent, purpose, drawing, sketch, model, scheme or composition. Now you may define the word “design” in more informative way in your design dissertation.

Then it would be better to follow the given below instructions. There are some steps in writing your design dissertation:

First of all you need to determine what type of research will include your work, whether it will be of fundamental or applied nature. You should not forget about the historical point of view. The historical aspect is very important as you can describe the origin of design in general.
It would be better for you to decide what theme you are going to choose whether it is design in general or some type of design. You have to remember that the design theme is extensive enough.

Now think over what type of design it’ll be better to study in details. Design is briefly divided in such sub-themes:

-fashion design;
– interior design;
-visual design;
-photography design.

It is important to write about the styles of design in design dissertation. There are too many of them, but you can take at least the main art styles such as: Classicism, Art Deco or Ar Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque,
Modernism, Empire, the Gothic style, Minimalism, Modern style, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanticism, Victorian style etc.

The types of design may also be used as the basis of your dissertation and can be studied more thoroughly. They are:

Product Design
Environmental design
Process Design
Graphic Design

There is also a good advice in writing the project. You may use some of the following topics in your design dissertation. Every topic may become a good impetus or inspiration in writing your work.

What type of design is the most famous nowadays? How to explain its popularity?

Compare any style of design you like. It can be for instance, Baroque or the Gothic style, Minimalism or Victorian style. Try to find out the main characteristics of the chosen styles.
The role of Graphic Design in our life. Design Achievements. New tendencies in Design.

Hopefully this will make your work easier and give you some useful prompts. On the other hand, you may order excellent custom design dissertations. Custom writers qualified in different fields of study will help you if you have some questions or difficulties; they know design area well and have a good experience in custom dissertations writing. For further information contact custom research writing services

Benjamin Ford

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