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Benjamin Ford

Classification Essay is Difficult but very Beneficial Kind of Essay Writing

Essay • January 28, 2010

Learn How to Classify While Writing Classification Essay

Classification essay is a beneficial paper as it helps you to develop your reading, analytical, writing skills as well as the ability to classify different objects into specified categories.

When you get a task to complete classification essay, start to work on it beforehand. Think what you have to do first to complete a good essay.

1. Think what subject you want to classify in your essay. Remember that you should not only sort out the essay subject into categories but also carry out some investigation. For this purpose, you should think if the topic that you want to choose for the essay involves the research question. Think also if the topic has the scientific significance.

2. When you determined the topic, then make literature review. First of all you should think what books may be useful for you. You may also look for information in internet. Try to find relevant information due to which you can support your statements and arguments. Reading different example essays (in your case example of classification essay) may also help you. Find a classification essay sample of a high quality that is written according to all standards and use it as a guide for writing your paper.

3. Then do planning of your paper. Make sure you include into the essay outline such compulsory parts as:

– the introductory part (with thesis statement)
– the main body of the essay with several paragraphs
– the concluding part

In the introductory part, the subject under discussion should be outlined. Share with the readers how you are going to classify the subject. Explain why it is important to present such classification. As introduction is a starting point of your essay, you should point out the main goals and purpose of your classification essay.

In the main body you should present the subject of classification itself. Try to present each group of the subject logically and consistently. Provide the equal amount of information on each category. Do not go deep in one group and present shallow information to the other group. Provide examples to each group. You may take examples from the literature that you researched. But then make sure you give reference to the source from which you have borrowed the following example.

In the summary provide logical conclusion to the essay. Here you may also provide recommendations as for the further investigation of the given subject.
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Benjamin Ford

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