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Benjamin Ford

Classification Essays Writing Is About Categorizing and Logical Classification

Essay • June 17, 2009

Writing Classification Essays Involves Logicality and Care Towards Details

Classification essays are those tasks which challenge the writing ability of a student. This type of essay is very important for academic growth of every student as they contribute to development of logicality in one’s writing or logical organization of haphazard thoughts and ideas.

Classification essays are started with finding categories and finding proper examples for each category. The categories should be based on unique characteristic or a single organizing principle. It is very responsible task as when you define wrong categories, the value of your essay will be zero.

Thus classification essays should checked according to the following checklist:

1. The categories determined and their relevancy.
2. A single organizing principle.
3. Finding proper examples for each category.

Dealing with a classification essay, it does not mean that it is single objective is to categorize things. The essay should include thesis statement which can be proved through the structure of classification essay. There’s also a conclusion which summarizes the findings and restates the thesis.
The classification essay can be difficult in the aspect of defining categories and sticking to them. When there is a mixture of categories and it is difficult to find proper examples leading one to confusion, and resulting in incomprehensible classification. It is disappointing to work over an essay and get low rating for it.

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Benjamin Ford

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