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College Application Essay Questions Cover Your Interests and Values

Essay • May 26, 2010

College Application Essay Question Helps the Evaluator to Know More About the Applicant

college application essayCollege application essay questions can be considered the most important topics in the student’s life. The quality of your application essay will give you a chance to enter the college or the university. All students are assigned to write an essay which will surely influence their future. Writing this paper can be a real trouble for some individuals as they do not have much experience but still wish to continue their education.

The first thing you need to do is to study the college application essay questions list and try to choose the topic you are interested in. If the institution does not provide such topic you should look for the previous topic lists and think about the most common. The purpose of the essay question is to get acquainted with student, to know more about his life, interests, thoughts and plans. It is naturally that the evaluation committee wants to know more about the applicant. That is why you should always be yourself and write about your personal experience – not something abstract. Be honest and use simple words, create your own ideas and try to make your essay interesting and unique.

Usually the students have a choice of the college application essay question. It may be a direct question which requires writing something about your life (some significant events, your particular interests, etc) or the indirect question asking to write about some book or event. When the college gives the applicant a choice it means that the committee wants to evaluate the writer’s values, preferences, mental ability, creativity or even a sense of humor. The essay shows the student’s ability of writing, organization skills, style and the knowledge of written English. The essay question will describe all your abilities and skills, so be careful choosing the topic.

The colleges and the universities have different goals and their questions will be also different. But all of them are looking for three main things:

The preferences. The essay topic will show the preferences of the applicant (whether he or she is an art person or a future scientist). The essays of these two types will surely differ from each other.

The values. The committee want to know about your thoughts, political viewing, about the relationships in your family. It may also be a question to evaluate a specific situation and understand the student’s position.

The essay writing will help the inspectors to understand how the candidate thinks. Usually, these are the questions about future job, the career or about the future college life. Such topics show the student’s intellectual level, style of thinking and insight.

You can find a lot of essay topics but the most interesting and unusual are: about the family, your trip, your summer work or about your relationships with the parents. Surely, it is not an easy task to write the essay and you can always ask for the help. Our professional writers will not only help you to choose your college application essay question but will also edit it or even write it for you. For more information please visit custom essay writing site

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