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Essay • February 27, 2011

School Vs College essay writing

college essay writingThere are five posts from me in this blog on the subject of “college essay writing”! Count the older ones the number is quite large! Perhaps it is natural that a web site dedicated to essay help wants to harp this topic again and again!

Format, structure, clarity, language or name anything about the process of essay writing, you will find a huge variety of posts to choose from in this blog. There is not much to add. Thinking of research papers or dissertation help? You do not need to go anywhere else.

Then what to discuss in this post? We do not interact face to face. Hence I have to assume an answer. Let me try to make this post interesting as far as I can, instead of drowning you once again in what you have seen quite often.

As the topic is “college essay writing”, why not consider the term “college”? You have excellent posts to refer in this blog for “essay writing”. But the topic demands that we do not forget “essay writing”. Eureka! We should talk about the differences between writing essays in school and college.

A wise old man of ancient vintage seems to have said that a pupil is taught and a student studies. But everything is not so passive in school education. The aphorism seems to exaggerate for emphasis. But still there should be some differences. Is it not?

  • School is the place where you learn the rudimentary skills of comprehension and expression, verbal or written. You are still refining your tools of language in school. Language matters a lot. Apt vocabulary is a sine qua non. You lose marks for errors in this regard.
  • In college essay writing , substance, the ability to understand the perspectives with which you do not agree and other subtle qualities matter more. Not that your language qualities are not rewarded in college, but the lack of it entails greater penalty in school.
  • In college essay writing, the teachers assume that you are  mature enough. Frequently they may require you to write on subjects, which are strict taboo in school. Belie their hopes at your own risk. After all you do not see prompts on social misdemeanor, sexual aberrations and perverted psychology in school. If you expect college essay writing to be so benign, you are sourly mistaken!
  • Schools test your ability to write on topics of general interest. The emphasis is more on structure and consistency of what you try to convey. If you write a good five paragraph essay in error free English, it may be enough.
  • But in college essay writing, more often you may have to write on specific subjects of your study. Not only you should demonstrate your essay writing skills, but also prove that you have done background academic work and study through citations and references.
  • In short, college essay writing focuses more on the science of essay writing rather than the art of it!
Benjamin Ford

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