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Anna Wippich

A Comparative Essay Writing – Difficult Or Easy?

Essay • October 31, 2009

A Comparative Essay Is What You Need to Develop Your Writing Skills

Among a great number of essays one may distinguish a comparative essay. A comparative essay is one of the common types of essay that form a part of the regular academic essay writing curriculum usually at colleges or universities. Most students choose to write a comparative essay because it is rather helpful and easy in their academic work. But some of them find this work difficult because they need to follow some definite approach for this form of writing.

A comparative essay is an opportunity to check your analytical skills and explain the similarities and differences of objects. So it is a good test for your writing, organizational and thinking skills. In school, a comparative essay is often assigned in subjects such as literature, history and other subjects that stimulate your critical thinking. In the business world, a comparative essay is used to analyze the situation in business trying to get the best result possible in running the company and improving its bottom lines.

In a comparative essay you have to make a comparison between two separate objects, events or ideas, as it involves a contrast activity. So if you decided to conduct research that would be effective and could leave an impression on the reader you have to remember the following : you have to analyze a chosen topic thoroughly; to understand contrasted objects that can be tangible (people, places) or intangible (events, ideas); to outline those details that would be compared trying not to leave a single point uncovered. For instance, if you are to compare 2 novels of different authors you have to find out what is common for characters in 2 different stories and how the main idea is conveyed in both of them.

A comparative essay writing generally demands two approaches. One method of comparing the two novels would be to first of all present one novel at a time. After doing this, a comparative essay can draw a comparison of the key points of both novels. The second approach includes introducing both novels together and compare them progressing through a comparative essay. Instead of introducing and describing each novel separately, one will describe and compare them together.

A comparative essay requires a person to write about both the similarities and differences. That’s why it is important not to confuse this with a compare and contrast essay. As a contrasting essay requires to state the differences only, while a comparative essay requires to state both similarities and differences.

Writing a comparative essay is an easy as well as difficult thing, because one needs to posses profound knowledge and to do a deep research to identify individual aspects of two objects and to unite them according something common and obviously different. On the other hand we do comparisons during our lifetime and see the differences in objects everywhere, so everyone can achieve certain success in writing a comparative essay and feel very confident about our awareness on those objects we have discussed. So, life can be a great essay prompt in this type of essay writing.

Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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