Benjamin Ford

Benjamin Ford

Critical Essay is Meant for Developing Skills of Critical Analysis

Essay • July 9, 2009

Critical Essay is a Format of Critical Appraisal

Critical essay writing is believed to develop analytic or critical thinking skills. These are very important skills which are much needed in modern informational world where analysis is part of everyday life. It is also important to develop one’s view on certain issues and be able to express it clearly and confidently giving relevant support for something you believe to be true.

When you are assigned a critical essay, this does not mean that you have to criticize or care for negative features of some object or phenomenon under analysis. There’s no negative connotation in critical analysis of an essay. What is meant is careful, thorough analysis of facts and producing your own opinion based on what you have explored. This means that you have to view the object under research from different perspectives and give your own vision on the problem. Thus critical essay writing offers opportunities for creative self-expression and making your point of view distinctive and clear-cut.

The structure of critical essay is rather simple as many other essay type it includes the introduction, the body of an essay and the conclusion. Of course, it can include in-text essay references and proper citation style and other important nuances of paper formatting.

Writing critical essay, you should start with incessant reading of all possible sources of the subject explored and making notes of what seems relevant for one’s research. Critical essay is one of those types of essay formats which is used for analysis of literature pieces. Thus when you read a book, you concentrate not only on plot and characters’ features but on small symbolic details which can prompt of some in-depth meaning which an author wanted to convey indirectly. This way you learn to see invisible in ordinary things.

When you deal with critical analysis of some phenomenon your task is to make an extensive research and to view the subject matter from different perspectives. Thus you explore different scientific views and find evidences for your opinion. However, critical essay is not just about documenting of facts but their critical evaluation and expressing individual opinion. One should develop one’s own ideas and present them in the body of an essay. However, these ideas or central idea is emphasized in the conclusion part which the strongest point of the paper. At the same time, your own opinion should not just your personal feelings and emotions but your opinion supported by facts.

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Benjamin Ford

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