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Benjamin Ford

Descriptive Essay Prompts and High Quality Essay

Essay • August 12, 2009

Descriptive Essay Prompts That Help Write an Incredible Description

A descriptive essay seems to be a cakewalk to everyone. What can be easier than a description? However, it is not always the case and descriptive essay prompts is what you need to submit a high-rating essay.

When knowing how to compose good descriptive writing one can cope with any other essay writing task. Almost any essay type contains descriptive elements, and their good picturing effects the quality of an essay. Of course, in our everyday activity we use a lot of descriptions, for example, telling our friends of purchases we’ve made or describing some journeys, events or people. Good narrators that manage to give vivid descriptions are always in the focus.

Descriptive essay prompts assisting in making an incredible description are those guiding principles which can lead you through the description tunnel.

The first thing to remember when dealing with descriptive essay is being clear. When you describe some object or event, make sure that a reader can understand your flow of thoughts. Think whether your writing contains ambiguities or unclear moments and edit what you are not sure about. It is not always possible to see the drawback in one’s writing. Thus one needs an editor or at least someone of the friends who can tell what is unclear in the description.

The second issue is making your description a visual illustration so that a reader clearly sees it like a movie. It implies the use of figurative and stylistic language means. One also needs to switch on all five senses to convey all sensory experiences. A writer needs to become the reader’s eyes, nose, skin, ears, body to feel what is going on in one’s description. If you manage to convey feelings and senses, you may be considered a good writer.

Of course for writing a good descriptive essay one needs writing experience and ability to see one’s gaps and failures. It also requires concentration on what you are writing about. Good writers notice such details which construct the whole idea based on it. Noting small details gives a zest to one’s description and one should note it as one more descriptive essay prompt.

If you are not confident in your writing abilities, better delegate your task to professional essay writers of They can assist you in any aspect of essay writing from the choice of writing topics to essay examples. One can also buy essay which is written to specific requirements and is unique and 100% plagiarism free. When you need descriptive essay prompts, you can ask a more competent and experienced writer to help you with writing descriptive essay and you can use it as a sample for your further writing tasks. By cooperating with you are free from failures and low rating of your academic assignments.

Benjamin Ford

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