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Essay • December 17, 2010

What are essay helpers

Essay helper is a vast array of resources including dictionaries and computers. It aids the various facets of the essay writing process. In common parlance it indicates special services and artifacts like essay writing services, graphic essay organizers, writing maps, spelling and grammar checkers and search engines.

Use of fancy essay helpers in ordinary school level class room essays may at times be overkill. They are meant for more complex essay writing work. They are quite helpful in dealing with topics, which have different branches to deal with. They ease the process of writing dissertations, research papers and long essays. If you need to organize your essay in many chapters, essay helpers can make your job easier.

MS Word offers an essay helper tool, which you might have seen but not noticed. Enable “Show readability statistics” through the “Spelling and Grammar” tab under “Tools/Options” menu. Thereafter whenever you run a spell check, MS Word will rate how easy or difficult your writing is. It uses the “Flesch-Kincaid” (Say FK) scale of rating.  “Flesch Reading ease” tells how easy it is to understand your writing. Generally the pundits believe that a score of 50 or more is good. For a good score you should write short and direct simple sentences. Minimize the use of words with many syllables. FK “Grade level”essay helper tells you the school grade of the reader who may not find it difficult to follow your writing. FK grade level score is inversely proportionate to Flesch Reading ease score. A FK grade level score of 8 or less is good.  It means that a student in grade 8 or more will have no problem understanding you. But make sure that you do not sacrifice your content at the altar of FK. Many experts feel that FK is quite subjective.

Now let us have a look at some of the other essay helpers.

  • Essay writing services: Some wrongly call these essay helper services as essay cheats. Reputed essay writing services, employing qualified professionals do provide value for money. Ensure that you get a guarantee of non plagiarized material. Avoid such services, which do not work to your custom specifications.
  • Graphic essay organizers: These essay helpers are generally essay writing software or templates. You can fill random thoughts on a topic in the appropriate sections of these tools. The tool will then help you to format a good essay. There are many such tools available free in the internet. The downside is that you may be tempted to waste much time on the tool at the cost of writing the essay.
  • Writing Maps: These are again computer software or templates. There are many types of free maps like mind maps, concept maps etc. the internet can provide. They help in the logical organization of abstract ideas, examples, graphics and charts. Some of them may be difficult to understand.
  • Search Engines: You must master the use of Boolean constructs like AND, OR, NOT to get targeted search results.
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