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How to Win in Essay Writing Contest

Essay • August 9, 2010

Winning in Essay Writing Contests Will Result in Many Benefits for A Student

Essay Writing ContestCompetition is a part of our modern life and each one learns how to display courage. Motivation and the role in society are the subjects of great attention today. Those students who decide to participate in essay writing contests should approach this task with care. Essay contest is a contest, aimed at revealing students’ writing skills. Each student creates his essay with intention to be the best in the competition.

When you are not sure how to start writing, use some tricks to help yourself to organize your work. At writing a draft you will have to determine an area which you are going to explore in an essay. Research will be the most meaningful part of essay writing contests. Before you start writing, you must assure that the topic is clear for you. Then outline the plan and the order for writing not to lose any point while writing. Use available sources.

Some useful tips are never extra.

1. Don’t write much in an essay. Don’t lose the main idea moving far from the main point.  Make your speech brief and appropriate. Keep in mind one topic you have chosen and be concentrated on one main aspect of this. Show up your brain abilities, motivation and aim at success.

2. Essay topic must be interesting for you and for reader. So if you are to choose the topic yourself, elect the one of great interest for you and put efforts to make it interesting for your reader.

3. Plagiarism issue is the burning one. Never put yourself under the risk of being eliminated out of the contest. Do not borrow other writers’ ideas and give references when using citations.

4. Make a careful study of essay samples and retrace its pattern to have some draft in your mind. Essay must be divided into logical parts, as a rule. Usually, essay consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction contains a thesis functioning as a main point that will be developed in a body of an essay and will be summed up in a conclusion. Generally, thesis should be elaborated in 3 paragraphs of a body. Though, if there is no any strict rule to follow, specified in requirements, you may use more paragraphs in order to express the idea entirely. Proved, persuasive conclusion will emphasize attention on your work and make it competitive for the contest.

5. Essay editing is a final part of your work. Correct your style and eliminate errors from an essay. Even one small mistake or even an inaccuracy will make your work null and void, taking away the chance to win an essay writing contest.

When essay contests are held in order to grant the best students, money issue may add excess agitation. Try to be abstracted away from such thoughts. No one argues against advantages someone gains with the scholarship, but the most important thing here is your study and opportunities for future.

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George Nelson

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