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How to Write a Reflective Essay is a Common Question among Students

Essay • January 25, 2010

Learn how to Write a Reflective Essay with Essay Guidelines
Many students wonder how to write a reflective essay. In a reflective essay you should reveal your thoughts and points of view as for the particular topic. In this kind of essay you may write not only about what you have learned but also describe your personal experience.

You may be assigned to write the essay, after completing some project or course. In your paper you should logically explain your observations and monitoring, interpret the subject from the insight.

If you still do not know how to write a reflective essay, you may read different reflective essay examples. There are many different types of the reflective essay. For example, it may be the essay about the student’s personal experience about the life changing. Here you should write when your life changed drastically, who was the person that influenced your life, what impact this person had on you. You may also write about your traveling. Describe your feelings and emotions when you’ve arrived to a certain place, what have you have noticed there is was worth the readers’ attention.

When you learn how to write a reflective essay, you will see that it is not enough just to write what you think. As it is an academic assignment, you should work with other relevant and academic materials. For your essay you may use:

1. Books. Think what books may be useful for you. You may also ask your instructor for his help. Go to the library and make critical reading of the issues. Search for some interesting citations or examples that you may use in your paper.

2. Articles from the magazines, newspapers or other periodical material.

3. Use internet. Here you may find a great amount of information. But be careful with the material you take from internet. Make sure it is trustworthy.
If you know the topic of your essay, then consider the structure. Make an outline with:
– the introduction with thesis statement
– the main body
– the conclusion

1. In the introduction engage the readers to the essay topic. Here you should also present a thesis statement relating it to the central idea and research question.

2. The main body is the bulkiest part of the essay. It is a logical explanation and continuation of the thesis statement. In the main body, write down the main arguments for the essay topic. Then proceed with disclosing of the topic. Step by step describe your observations and feelings. Use the information that you found in the books.

3. In the conclusion write the essay summary basing on the main evidences that you stated in the previous paragraphs. But in no case, contradict the arguments that you presented in the main body. Otherwise, you paper will look vague and you may get a bad mark for it.

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