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Create a Successful Opinion Essay with Opinion Essay Sample

Essay • February 28, 2010

Good Opinion Essay Sample Boosts Your Writing Skills

In opinion essay students should express their thoughts and feelings. For some students opinion essay writing is the easiest assignment as they can freely present their thoughts. But for those students who can not put their thoughts down on the paper, this assignment may be a real torture. If you are assigned with this kind of essay it would be helpful for you to read the opinion essay sample. Reading the essay sample gives you a lot of opportunities.

First, you can see how other students express their thoughts or points on a particular subject. It is better to read several examples of opinion essay, so you have a chance to compare the samples. Try to make critical reading of all the relevant essays, identifying their strong and weak points. If you are reading qualified essays written by professional and talented writers – you are on the right way. You may use the relevant sample of a high quality as a standard for your paper. Look how the writer organized the sample paper, how he presents the material or plays with words and expressions.

It may happen that the topic of your essay is similar to the topic of a sample essay. Still, you should not pin your hopes on copying the ready paragraphs or sentences from the sample essay and putting them into your paper with impunity. Plagiarism is a serious academic crime and if you are detected in plagiarism your paper may be rejected immediately. Bust you are not prohibited from using the same list of references as in the essay example. That is why if you think that the books that are listed in the opinion essay sample may be useful for your essay writing, you may freely use these books.

You can learn how it is better to structure your paper with an opinion essay sample. The original opinion essay format includes the introduction, main body and conclusion. The introductory part is the entry to your essay. Here you should clearly state the topic of your essay and your point of view as for the topic. If you want to make the introduction more appealing, you may start it with a thought provoking or rhetoric question.

In the main body you should support your view point with reasons. Here you should also present the opposing view point and they should be unconvincing. While presenting your points you may use special words. For instance, in my opinion, I firmly believe that, I definitely think that etc. Provide relevant examples, citation, and statistics. Make sure that all the statistics provided are explained and have a proper referencing. In the concluding part you should give summary of the main points that were discussed earlier in the essay. Try to use different words while restating your points. It is very important that the essay body is coherent. That is why make sure that all the paragraphs are logically connected and refer to the thesis statement.

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