Benjamin Ford

Benjamin Ford

Choosing Persuasive Research Topics

Research Paper • February 13, 2009

What are interesting persuasive research topics?

Persuasion is inalienable part of our life; we deal with it constantly. We communicate with different people and even do not notice that we use persuasion so often. To choose the proper persuasive research topic is not easy. The choice will depend on author’s knowledge and focus of interest.

Sometimes it is too difficult for the student to write his persuasive research (for example, because of the lack of time). So the custom essay writing service companies can help him, providing with a qualified writing help. In a short time the order is fulfilled and the students buy research paper or custom essay which meets his/her requirements.

While looking for persuasive research topics, students must do it very carefully and with a great responsibility. They are to take into account how they know the subject so the essay or research paper will be believable, truthful, new and disputable. Having chosen the persuasive research topic, the author is to know this research topic is of interest to the peers and to engage the reader from the first paragraph attracting attention with the help of expressive language or strong arguments.

Persuasive essay has something in common with argumentative essay, as their topics are very close in nature; they both must contain arguments to prove to the reader certain statements indicated in the research; the need to construct persuasive and clear argumentation line. In every case the author must collect explanations, build foundation for his arguments from different viewpoints and be ready to support them. If there is a need to be in opposition to other’s ideas or views, the author has to know that neither pressure nor rudeness should be used but only respectful, confident and tolerant argumentation. It gives the writer some advantages and may lead to the change in the reader’s opinion.

Writing skills play an important role for effective argumentative paper. If the author is a skillful writer, he knows how use strong arguments and what words have the greatest impact on the reader; what stylistic figures will make perception more clear, emotional and powerful. He will concentrate on obtaining up-to-date information to have the most accurate picture of the research. With the help of the logical and consistent structure of the research paper the author will focus on the main points and help the reader understand the topic and its main ideas;
There are different persuasive research topics that are interesting and important, among them:
• Adopted children;
• Children in gay families;
• Civil marriage;
• Death penalty.

There are also many other different topics that are essential and call for some action. If the topic is chosen, the main task of the researcher is to gather information (not including opposition), digest as many sources as possible, draw some conclusions and prove his viewpoint with a help of different explanations and examples. In order to fulfill the task and attain a pinnacle of success the persuasive writer must enjoy his persuasive research topics and believe in his conclusions.

Benjamin Ford

Written by Benjamin Ford

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