Reflective Essay Examples

Reflective Essay Example Can be on Diverse Life Experiences

Reflective essays would clearly reflect the thinking pattern, perception and the attitudes of the essay writer. This writing assignment is usually requested to prompt students to analyse the expressions and the reactions upon a certain issue, experience or an event. Writing this essay will be a very enjoyable task as it is personal in nature. However some students feel rather doubtful in writing this type of essays as it reveals an inner spirit and personality of the writer. Your expressive writing skills will come in to focus in this type of essays. But if you are lacking in them, refer to a good reflective essay example to guide you.

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

To write reflective essays means to display events or emotions of the past or something you have passed through. The main idea of such essays is to evaluate what has happened. You should rethink your experience and sum up all details. The entire plot of your writing piece must be like a mirror reflection of your life or soul.

National peace essay contest

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United States Institute of Peace (USIP) conducts the National peace essay contest every year. It is open to all school students from grade 9 to 12 residing in USA. Students who are US citizens and studying abroad are also eligible. There is one award of $1,000 for each state. 53 State level winners compete for the national level award. The first, second and third prices at the national level are $10,000, 5000 and 2500 respectively. All the 53 winners attend a five day awards function in Washington and meet many dignitaries.

How to Write a Reflective Essay is a Common Question among Students

Learn how to Write a Reflective Essay with Essay Guidelines
Many students wonder how to write a reflective essay. In a reflective essay you should reveal your thoughts and points of view as for the particular topic. In this kind of essay you may write not only about what you have learned but also describe your personal experience.

Reveal Your Thoughts and Feelings in a Reflective Essay

Share Your Personal Experience with the Readers in a Reflective Essay
Reflective essay is a common assignment among pupils and students. This kind of writing gives you a great chance to share your personal thoughts and experience with the readers. You may be also asked to write this kind of essay after completing some course or project.

Reflective Essay Writing is Reflection of Your Thoughts and Ideas

Rely on Your Experience and Write Reflective Essay

If you want to write a high-rating reflective essay, be ready to share your thoughts and ideas with a reader. This type of essay is based on using personal experience and knowledge to contemplate on the topic. It does not mean that you have to write everything that comes into your mind. Reflective writing is something you should need to know.