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Benjamin Ford

Custom Thesis and Dissertation Writing is a Serious Work Requiring Much Effort

Thesis • April 29, 2010

Custom Thesis and Dissertation Writing is a Burdensome Task

Custom thesis and dissertation writing is the serious work which is done by professional writers. Dissertation writing is an essential part of academic life of post-graduate students. Thesis and dissertation writing is qualification scientific work, with the purpose to gain the Philosophers degree. Before the work starts, the theme should be “born” in the head of the writer. But honestly speaking, everything depends on the method you choose. Everyone decides first whether it will be a small invention in his life or just a way to gain a degree.

So, first of all, you need to choose a topic for your work. It is necessary to decide whether the work will be more practical or theoretical. Besides, it has to be a topic of a particular and small specialization, so that the writer can fully expound it. Custom thesis and dissertation writing is much needed when one does know what to start his academic work with.

The second step is to get acquainted with the literature for more than a period of 20 years. Such a long term is required to determine all the researches and evolution ideas in the particular sphere. While working with the literature, it is advised to look for: scientific magazines, the essays of research conferences, express information; and only then, form a list of studying books, lectures, monographs. It is strongly recommended to put all found information into folders classified by themes (methods of researches, the results of researches). All these details may be useful while writing a part which describes the history of the chosen custom thesis or dissertation.

The third step is to start working on the rough copy. This part of the work consists of analysis, generalization and theoretical explanation of new scientific facts discovered. An essential condition of a successful custom result is the creation of a detailed plan. Try to keep close to the theme, so that the structure of all the parts of your dissertation will be identical. At the end of every part make a small resume – brief submission of what is written above. Starting this part of the work the writer should concentrate his attention on the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Conclusions and suggestions
  • Appendixes
  • bibliographic list

The fourth step is to create a right structure of a thesis or dissertation. Here is an example the most common structure:

  • title page
  • contents
  • introduction (description of the discovered problem, actuality, scientific novelty, practical meaningfulness)
  • chapters of the main part (the materials and methods of the research work, the results; it should be three or more chapters)
  • conclusion
  • bibliographic list
  • Appendixes

These are the main steps the writer should pass through to create a successful custom thesis and dissertation. Speaking about the time and the terms it is necessary to mention that a real serious work lasts for 3 or more years. Every year is a separate part with its own plan and researches. The final period of the thesis and dissertation writing will usually take 3-4 months. Custom thesis and dissertation writing services can be a way out to achieve your degree.

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Benjamin Ford

Written by Benjamin Ford

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