Essay on Drugs and the Way to Cope With it

Essays on Drugs Can Deal With a Variety of Topics

essay on drugsOnce you are going to write essays on drugs, be ready to toil and moil! Essay on drugs is a topic of interests for writers but it is hard to find the work that is made with careful studying of this topic. Drugs addiction is a problem for the whole world and still nobody can be sure what destroys us most, AIDS, global warming or drugs.

No matter what kind of essay you need, there is one basic structure for any of this. Depending on the type of essay the structure can vary from simple to more complicated one.

Remember, that essay on drugs introduction as in all other university essays contains opening, background and a thesis. Talking about drugs problem put some general sentences to introduction part to get your reader ready for this topic. Use additional sources to get as more information as possible. Surf the net and ask your friends about this problem. There are some disputable issues, which you can mention and speak on the subjects, as legalization of drugs, crime and drugs, terrorism and drugs, illegal drugs trade, victims of drugs, drugs and bohemia, drugs in sports, drugs and advertising, rehabilitation programs for drugs abusers, drugs in school etc. Use background to bring your reader to the main idea of the work. Implement this idea in thesis. For example, talking about illegal drugs trade you can mention money issue in thesis.

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Average 5-paragraph essay contains three logically connected body paragraphs with at least one statement developed in three sentences in each paragraph. Though, if you are not limited with exacting requirements use as many paragraphs as you need to depict the whole picture of your essay on drugs. Draw out problems and solutions. Criminals, destructive effect, ruined health, career and social life can be mentioned as problems. As the solutions, describe such terms as prevention, treatment, activities, close relationships, good environment, prospects and family connection of addicted person.

Usually, conclusion is written in one paragraph and must be smaller than a body part but it must be also of the same size as the introduction.

For the conclusion, feel free to express your own opinion on the topic. Leave a remark to the point. For example, put a pertinent criticism about the uncertainty of the preventive methods which turn into a propagandistic, rousing up interest among youth to something that is forbidden. Refer to social influence and pressure that youth undergo. Also you may leave questions opened to reader, provoking his further reflection on the topic. Who controls drugs trade or why rehab is so ineffective in most cases?

To write good essays on drugs you will have to process huge scope of information, collect and retrieve data, find out ideas and put it into shape. If you are not sure in your writing skills visit custom research writing and essay expert and you will get the answers and urgent academic essay writing assistance.

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