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Explore Causes of Water Pollution in Water Pollution Essay

Essay • July 20, 2010

Water Pollution Essays Writing Aimed at Raising Consciousness

Water Pollution EssayWhen you are about to work on your water pollution essay you need to keep in mind the general rules of academic essay writing. The very first thing you need to cover in your essay is explaining the origins of water pollution and its possible effects on humankind and global nature. Don’t fail to mention that this problem has become a really concerned issue all over the world since water is probably the most precious resource on our planet.

So, when you are finished with the foreword part of your essay you need to present the most widespread causes of this kind of pollution.

  • The most extensive causes of water pollution are various chemicals that are dumped into the rivers from the factories. For that reason, such substances as wastes from food processing, herbicides and insecticides, fuels and various by-products of fuel combustion, cosmetics and other industrial wastes pollute the global reserves of water most frequently.
  • Another reason of pollution that is always mentioned in water pollution essays is Thermal Pollution. You need to point out that it is the abrupt increase or fall of the water’s temperature caused by human activity.
  • Finally, you need to write about the natural phenomena that can cause the pollution. These are storms, earthquakes, volcanoes or algae blooms that also can cause significant changes in the quality of water.

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When the causes are described, try to think and write about possible effects of water contamination. For instance, you can tell about such things in your water pollution essay.

  • First of all, you should write about the fact that thousands of people die every day because of bad and unsafe quality of drinking water. Besides you need to write that it is probably the responsibility of every one of us and all together we can take the necessary steps to minimize somehow the pollution of water.
  • Besides, don’t forget to write that the erosion of soil caused by water pollution, must be prevented by planting more trees. All the food, plastic and paper wastes must not be thrown into rivers and lakes. Mention that all the wastes of such kind that are left on the ground as a rule reach the water bodies during the rains and storms.

The final part of all water pollution essays is the conclusion where you need to describe the steps that can help to prevent contamination of water. In any case, if you come across any troubles with your university essay writing assignment you can ask for a help of professionals. For example, you can visit custom research writing assistant Samedayessay.com and find there all the necessary information on writing essays, research and term papers, as well as custom written essays. Stop wasting your precious time! Place your order right now!

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